About Us

About Us

"NCFL's mission is to address our nation's literacy challenges by engaging all family members in learning, with a primary focus on parents and children living in poverty."
- National Center for Families Learning's Mission

Literacy is at the root of a person's ability to succeed, and the family is at the heart.

We are the National Center for Families Learning, formerly known as National Center for Family Literacy, and since 1989 we have helped more than one million families make educational and economic progress by pioneering - and continuously improving - family literacy programs.

Our emphasis is on family literacy for a simple reason - study after study shows that family, home, and community are the true drivers of a child's education. Consider these truths:

  • Children's reading scores improve dramatically when their parents are involved in helping them learn to read.
  • Low family income and a mother's lack of education are the two biggest risk factors that hamper a child's early learning and development.

Literacy is essential to success in today's economy, now more than ever. The family literacy approach harnesses the strength of parent-child bonds to help those who are most at risk of failing economically, emotionally, and socially. We build success by strengthening their confidence, increasing their ability, and broadening their outlook. The results have an impact on a personal level as well as a national one.

Prestigious Fortune 500 companies, national media, and academic experts all recognize and support NCFL's work. As important, the support of more than 150,000 teachers and thousands of volunteers help us build relationships that support learning, from teacher to student and, most importantly, from parent to child.

It is our goal to not only provide every family with the opportunity to learn, but the ability to learn and grow together. Family literacy ensures the cycle of learning and progress passes from generation to generation.

Put simply, family literacy works. We all benefit. And, it's easy to help.

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