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Fiberworks creates hundreds of totes for the Families Learning Conference 2017


When you look around at the Families Learning Conference, you’ll likely see something unique to conferences: attendees storing conference items in handmade totes made from a variety of fabrics and patterns.

For the third year, NCFL has enlisted the help of our community to create totes for attendees of the Families Learning Conference. This year’s totes were made by mothers who are participants in Fiberworks, a program of the Americana Community Center in Louisville, Kentucky—one of the newest NCFL Family Learning sites.

Americana Fiberworks is a women’s arts and educational group designed to support the positive integration of refugee and immigrant women into the Louisville community using a common interest in the fiber arts. Participants help one another develop the confidence, skills, and resources necessary to identify and pursue goals for themselves and their families as they adapt to their new home in Louisville.

The women come from all over the world and are using their skills in sewing (or learning to sew) to produce income for their families. Conference attendees receive one tote as part of their registration fee and additional totes are available for purchase onsite, with ninety percent of the proceeds going to Fiberworks.

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2 Comments to “Fiberworks creates hundreds of totes for the Families Learning Conference 2017”

  1. Kathy Cornell

    Lovely, practical bags! Much nicer than a bag with some business logo… and what a great and practical idea…. teach a skill that can provide these new immigrants with a source of income while also teaching English conversation and literacy.

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