Camp Wonderopolis

Recap: Camp Wonderopolis 2016

Thanks to generous funding from Better World Books, Camp Wonderopolis once again provided summer learning content for students across the globe in 2016. With a theme of Flex Your Wonder and topics ranging in fitness, health, and well-being, Camp Wonderopolis inspired and engaged more than 55,000 online users.

Camp Wonderopolis | Summer 2016

  • Attracted more than 55,000 online users
  • Engaged users in more than 206 days (nearly 5,000 hours!) of learning. As a result, Campers mastered 32,140 vocabulary words and passed 12,935 informational text and vocabulary quizzes
  • Inspired learning across the world, with users in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, and other countries
  • Provided opportunities for libraries to incorporate Camp Wonderopolis content as a way to enhance their existing summer reading programs

Camp Wonderopolis | Curriculum

  • Six themed areas covering topics of health, nutrition and fitness
  • 42 separate learning modules
  • Six different Maker activities
  • Multiple ways to learn
    • Informational text
    • Videos and images
    • Vocabulary words
    • Enrichment activities

Camp Wonderopolis | Website features

  • Graphically rich and imaginative online campground full of curious questions
  • Nonfiction learning embedded in fun discussions about pickles, volleyball, surfing, the Olympic games, and much more
  • Engaging interactive features, such as the Wonder Wall (virtual bulletin board) and Camp Diary, to experience and record "ah-ha!" learning moments along the way
  • Gamification through Wonder Cards, special badges of achievement that validate understanding and learning of the material provided

Camp Wonderopolis | Camp sites

Guided by NCFL, 16 community-based organizations and libraries implemented Camp Wonderopolis programming to engage hundreds of youth and families in hands-on learning events, excursions, and experiences this summer:

"I've never seen so many kids excited to come to the library." -- Damera B., Louisville Free Public Library (Kentucky)

"I love to see how eager [the Campers] are to try new things and participate!...They are already asking about next summer!" -- Caren L., Union Intermediate School (North Carolina)

"We are seeing some families who have never been library users before." -- Dianne C., Pottsboro Area Public Library (Texas)

"I like the element of extending the learning into the home." -- Jill H., Prospect Community Library (Pennsylvania)

Does Camp Wonderopolis sound like something the families in your community would enjoy? Learn how you can bring Camp Wonderopolis to your learning or literacy programs by contacting Sara Ulliman at or at 502-584-1133 x206.