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Family Resources

Healthy Family Habits

Healthy Family Habits offers step-by-step guides for hosting four different intergenerational events. These events feature at least one group physical activity and five stations with downloadable resources you can provide families at no extra cost.

Parent Guide to Reading & Standards

In the new Parents Guide to Reading & Standards section you will learn more about standards and ways you can connect with teachers to help your child meet the standards at home.

Cultivating Readers

Making reading active and fun!

Counteracting Budget Cuts

Budget cuts are all too common at schools; find out what you can do as a parent to help combat the impact on your child.

Summer Fun Tips

Learning can be a big part of summer fun! Check out some easy suggestions to help you child improve between the school years.

Valentine's Day Tips

Here are some fun Valentine’s Day literacy activities and yearlong traditions that will jumpstart learning throughout the year.

Tips with Technology

As parents buy new computers and other technology, it’s important they keep their children safe and help them maximize learning.

Learning in Daily Routines

You don’t need to get a PhD in education or quit your job to help your son or daughter. Here are some quick, simple ways to incorporate learning into your daily routine:

Back to School Tips

Let these quick and easy ideas help your child in getting ready to go back to school.