Our Solutions

Interactive Tools

En Camino

A comprehensive toolkit of educational resources that support Spanish-speaking families' aspirations for education.

What Works

An exception set of materials that helps parents and early childhood educators provide the best language and literacy experiences.

Day at Dollar General

NCFL and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation have teamed up to educate families about money management through an online interactive game makes it fun and educational for both children and parents to learn basic budgeting skills.


NCFL presents an exciting way for Spanish-speaking parents to get more involved in their child's education at school with a set of bilingual resources, including Foto-Novelas.

Find the Flag

Can you find all the flags in this city? Search for the 25 American flags. Along the way, learn interesting facts about flag history and how to display and care for the flag.

Family Fridge

Showcase pictures of your family and your family’s artwork on the NCFL Family Fridge!