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Educator Resources: Adult Learners

Applying Research in Reading Instruction for Adults

This resource helps build adult literacy instructors’ knowledge of scientifically-based research on reading, and provides basic guidance on how to use it in the classroom.

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Financial Fitness: A Guide to Everyday Money

Success with money management begins when there is a solid financial literacy foundation that delves into the many aspects of money and how it impacts everyday living. Whether it’s one dollar or thousands of dollars, management of the dollar has far-reaching and lasting impacts for people of all ages and economic levels.

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Financial Opportunity: Family Progress

Developed by NCFL and the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), this complete curriculum offers an easy-to-use framework for teaching families basic concepts about managing money. The adult student workbook is appropriate for adults with a fourth-grade reading level, and the activity play pack outlines nine fun activities that families can do together.

Introducing Comprehension Strategies to Adult Readers

This resource offers strategies educators can use with learners who need to improve their learning comprehension. While the focus of this resources is reading instruction, it is designed for helping adult learners who are competent at identifying words; it is not designed for working with beginning readers.

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