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Educator Resources: K-12 Learners

Expertise and Resources from NCFL and the National Center for Literacy Education

The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) has joined the National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE) to help educators nationwide provide enriched literacy learning experiences for every student and to sustain school improvement efforts. As a part of NCLE, NCFL and other leading education associations, policy organizations, and foundations are sharing resources and expertise for free. Using research and guidelines generated by NCLE, educators can support sustained literacy learning in schools and inform administrators and elected leaders about policies that will advance their work.

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Reaching Out to Families: A State Educational Agency Self-Monitoring Tool and Planning Guide for Parental Involvement

This tool is designed to help state educational agencies build capacity within local educational agencies and schools and improve student achievement by helping them assess and monitor their parental involvement practices; identify what mandated requirements are being met and those that are not; identify what parental involvement practices exceed mandated requirements; identify areas of strength and need; prioritize areas for improvement; and create a plan for change.

Download Reaching Out to Families: A State Educational Agency Self-Monitoring Tool and Planning Guide for Parental Involvement.

All Your Parents

With generous support from The Annenberg Foundation, NCFL developed All Your Parents = AYP, a parent involvement professional development framework. After a lengthy review of the current literature and successful parent involvement program models, and in consultation with parents and experts in the field, NCFL determined six important areas for successful engagement of parents to support children’s academic achievement. The concepts of diversity and parent advocacy are woven throughout the fabric of the All Your Parents = AYP content.

Summer Fun Summer Learning Program

Supported by a generous grant from The UPS Foundation, the Summer Fun Summer Learning community enrichment program offers meaningful educational activities during the summer months. The program provides fun, research-based learning experiences for children ages 6 through 13. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend an end-of-the-week event that highlights the activities in which their children participated, such as skits, talent shows, spelling bees and more.

Activities are embedded with scientifically based reading research and are provided for a five-week period. Each unit included daily instructional activities blocked in two-hour periods. Although the activities are directed at the 6- through 13-year-old age group, children somewhat younger and older than this age span also can participate in the activities.

Parent Involvement

The Appalachia Regional Comprehension Center (ARCC) offers several podcasts about parent involvement on its website. The podcasts include transcripts and a listener’s guide.

View videos and listen to the podcasts.