National Family Literacy Month | Resources

To help you celebrate National Family Literacy Month, we've gathered NCFL's most-popular educational tools and resources designed to help families, educators, community leaders, and librarians facilitate two-generation learning:

Healthy Family Habits

  • Healthy Family Habits provides real world ways to establish and hone healthy habits. Available in English and Spanish, the program includes interactive features such as activity recommendations and recipes. It is also offers resources for community organizations.

  • Renegade Buggies

  • Renegade Buggies, a free app for iOS and Android, helps parents and children gain financial literacy skills together. The app, developed in partnership with the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, was named Instructional Game of the Year (2015) by the Institute for Financial Literacy.

  • Wonderopolis

  • Wonderopolis® is a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Wonders of the Day® help find learning moments in everyday life—ones that fit in with dinner preparations, carpool responsibilities, and within school curriculum and education programs.

  • Family Trails

  • Toyota Family Trails® inspires parents and kids to let imagination and exploration lead them on a daily adventure through the world around them and the classroom of life. See examples of how families are learning together.

  • NCFL Resources

  • NCFL also offers a variety of research & educator resources on topics, from literacy outcomes and appropriate instruments for measurement to skills young children need to become successful readers. Stay up-to-date with NCFL's latest initiatives and resources by subscribing to Line On Families Learning, a monthly e-newsletter.

  • National Center for Families Learning

    The National Center for Families Learning addresses education and literacy needs by engaging family members in learning--from the classroom to the community to the digital frontier.