Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

NCFL works to eradicate poverty through education solutions for families.

We believe education is a nonpartisan, shared responsibility. Partnering with educators, families, literacy advocates, and communities, we’ve worked for over 30 years to eradicate poverty through equitable education solutions for families across multiple generations. 

With the right resources, care and opportunities, together we can eliminate systemic barriers, create powerful learning experiences, and grow equitable communities.

Building an Equitable Future for Families and Communities

Based on years of best practices, our ambitious vision for this decade builds upon our legacy work to meet the changing needs of diverse families and communities while charting a new course of multigenerational learning and impact. Transcending isolated programs, our collaborative initiatives are designed to help establish coordinated, inclusive, and aligned family learning systems of support in communities. When parents and children learn together, the whole family thrives—contributing to strong, equitable communities for generations to come.

Our Vision

By 2030, coordinated and aligned family learning systems will be established in 60 communities, built with and for families, to increase education and economic outcomes, thereby creating more equitable communities.

60×30 Vision

Family Literacy

Our multigenerational family literacy models combine parent-child literacy activities, adult education, parenting and workforce skills training, and youth education to help children succeed in school.

Family Engagement

Our family engagement model brings schools and organizations together to help families develop oral language and literacy skills, achieve developmental milestones, and support student learning outcomes.

Family Leadership

Our leadership model grows the leadership skills of parents so they can better advocate for themselves, their children, their families, and their communities.

“The family literacy program has helped us a lot in supporting our daughter. To help understand how she learns and share moments with her, moments here in the school. And this has helped us a lot in helping her with her homework. It’s very beautiful because the truth is our daughter is incredible; how she shas changed and how her way of thinking and way of being has evolved. It’s incredible the change she has had here at school and we want to share that. That is why we are in the program.”
Francisco Javier
O’Neill Elementary Family Literacy Program