Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation play a crucial role in ensuring NCFL’s strategies and initiatives are effective, efficient, and aligned with our mission and vision. We have a team of staff and independent contractors who evaluate effectiveness by assessing whether programming is achieving intended outcomes and making a positive impact on children, families, and communities.

NCFL employs a mixed method approach to data collection and analysis that involves designing surveys, conducting interviews, and utilizing other research methods to gather information about the organization’s activities and outcomes.

Research Advisory Council

NCFL’s Research Advisory Council (RAC) supports our evaluation efforts and research into the growth of effective practices and programs rooted in eradicating poverty through multigenerational family learning.

The RAC helps us advance a comprehensive agenda of family literacy, family engagement, and family leadership, as well as adult learning and emerging topics of interest for the field. Their work informs essential policies to support the well-being of families and communities nationwide.

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