2011 KIDS COUNT Data Book released

KIDSCOUNT Data CenterThe Annie E. Casey Foundation has released the 2011 KIDS COUNT Data Book. This annual publication is a comprehensive resource on the status of U.S. children.

The resource offers state rankings on 10 key indicators of child well-being, which include percent of low-birthweight babies, infant mortality rate, child death rate, teen death rate, teen birth rate, percent of teen high school dropouts, percent of teens not in school and not working, percent of children without secure parental employment, percent of children in poverty and percent of children in single-parent families. In addition, it includes data on children with at least one unemployed parent in 2010 and children affected by foreclosure since 2007.

This year’s message, “America’s Children, America’s Challenge: Promoting the Opportunity for the Next Generation,” examines how children and families are faring in the wake of the recession. It discusses why it’s important to help children reach their full potential and become part of a robust economy and society by tying together research findings on family economic success in 2010 and the critical role of investing in early childhood programs to allow the next generation to succeed.

Visit the KIDS COUNT Data Center to download the 2011 KIDS COUNT Data Book, order a hard copy of the report, create custom data reports and more. You can even add custom data to your own website with the data widget.