3 ways to maximize your Camp experience this summer

Are you leading an after-school or summer learning program at your school or organization? Camp Wonderopolis® is NCFL’s free online summer-learning destination that’s full of fun, interactive STEM and literacy-building topics boosted by Maker experiments. Camp Wonderopolis is a great way to keep families engaged and learning during out-of-school time. A new edition is published every summer and is available year-round at no cost. On June 12, an all-new edition of Camp Wonderopolis will launch at camp.wonderopolis.org!

Before you head off to Camp Wonderopolis, we’ve rounded up three of our favorite features to help you make the most of your camping experience:

1. Explore 42 engaging lessons to spark learning and discussion

Not only are the lessons full of vibrant imagery and interesting factoids, they help build vocabulary, background knowledge, and reading comprehension. Lessons are divided among six themed tracks and can be completed in any order.

Why Do Bananas Bruise

Insider tip: Be sure to check out the Extend Your Wonder section of each lesson to continue learning about a specific topic.

2. Take advantage of 6 Maker activities

Camp Wonderopolis provides six different hands-on Maker activities for families to do using common household items. Supply lists (consisting of everyday items), step-by-step instructions, “Wonderuption” questions to encourage discussion, and explanations of observed scientific concepts are provided. As you dive into an activity, take a video or snap some photos and share them to the Wonder Wall, Camp’s virtual bulletin board.


Insider tip: Test the outcome of your activity by using different supplies or methods of making. The Still Wondering? section provides tips for extending the activity.

3. Check out some of the books on the recommended reading lists

Each track page features reading lists divided by age group. These lists are provided by libraries around the country and contain books that are likely to be found in your local library. Families are sure to find an interesting book for each family member.

NCFL Image

Insider tip: Books that are in bold text are available for purchase online from Better World Books, our generous supporter of Camp Wonderopolis. Just click the title to be taken to the Better World Books website!

BONUS! Take your camping further with Campsite Kits

To enhance Campers’ experience, NCFL has created Campsite Kits available for purchase by families and programs. Family Kits are packed with learning materials and fun gear to encourage WONDERing. Program kits provide online training and support materials to implement Camp Wonderopolis programming. Campsite Kits can be purchased at store.wonderopolis.org.


Insider Tip: Family Kits come with a 20-page booklet to foster learning together as a family. It contains six Maker activities not available on the Camp Wonderopolis website and a field trip suggestion list tied to the six tracks of Camp content.

Now that you know some insider tips, what are you waiting for? Register for Camp Wonderopolis today!