A new look keeps the National Literacy Directory moving forward

The National Literacy Directory has a fresh face for 2018! The National Literacy Directory assists potential students and volunteers in locating nearby educational programs and services, while also supporting literacy and education professionals through a learning network that provides the latest resources, research, and grant opportunities. Our newly renovated website design helps users navigate the Directory with ease through increased search features and integration with Google Translate.

Homepage screenshot

Our upgraded Directory tools and resource navigational links help guide users, whether they are program managers wanting to share information; volunteers searching for opportunities to serve their communities; or adult learners interested in finding local education programs. The “User Type” links make this process simple. With bright colors and easy-access icons, these navigational links contribute to our website’s new look.

The Directory’s newsfeed hopes to inspire adult learners, volunteers, and program staff through stories highlighting success and innovation in the field. What’s your story? We want to hear from you! You can submit your success story easily from the Directory Home Page or by clicking here.

The optimized site design provides extra support for those looking for local literacy programs, and enhanced opportunities for local programs through expanded funding opportunities.

Check out the “new” National Literacy Directory at www.nationalliteracydirectory.org and stay tuned for continued improvements as we strive to engage our members with fresh content and added features.