Become a #WonderFunder and help keep wonder free


Today, February 1st, NCFL’s signature digital learning platform Wonderopolis® is kicking off its first-ever online fundraising campaign, dubbed “#WonderFunder.” This month-long effort was created to ensure remains a free learning resource for its more than one million monthly visitors. Please donate $5 (or any amount) by clicking here.

Created in 2010 by NCFL as a way to help families learn together, Wonderopolis has expanded into a valuable, go-to resource for educators and students of all ages around the world, accruing such accolades and awards as TIME Magazine’s “50 Best Websites” and the American Association of School Librarians’ Best Website for Teaching and Learning.

The premise of Wonderopolis is simple, yet powerful: explore an intriguing question in engaging and fun ways. The ask is simple, too: If every Wonder Friend in our community donated $5, we’d have enough funding to provide Wonders of the Day for five years!

During the month of February, we’ll be celebrating inquiry and wonder through Wonderopolis and NCFL social media handles, an exciting new video, email updates, and via our blog and those of our Wonder Lead Ambassadors and educator networks.

Please consider supporting Wonderopolis with a $5 donation, or a gift of any amount. You’ll join others in becoming part of the #WonderFunder movement to ensure Wonderopolis continues to be enjoyed by learners and educators worldwide!

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