Camp Wonderopolis® now open for learning!

campw16_horz-medalNCFL, with support from Better World Books, has launched the latest edition of Camp Wonderopolis, the official summer program of Wonderopolis designed to provide families, classrooms, and community programs a free online learning platform.

Camp Wonderopolis provides 42 interactive learning modules. Questions like “How Much Blood Is in Your Body?” and “Why Do Bananas Bruise?” come equipped with explanations, vocabulary words, and easy at-home experiments that allow for imaginative conversations and deeper exploration designed to improve background knowledge, reading comprehension, and vocabulary skills.

Online features such as collectible Wonder Cards®, dashboards to track progress, digital diaries, and the Pinterest-style Wonder Wall attract and hold Campers’ interest. Hands-on experiments, field trip suggestions, recommended reading lists from partner libraries, and low-cost Maker activities provide opportunities for families to extend their learning offline.

This year’s theme of Camp Wonderopolis, Flex Your Wonder, explores real-world topics related to health and fitness, and aligns with the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s summer reading theme of Wellness, Fitness, and Sports. Camp Wonderopolis also features a special track that explores the Olympics, connecting with the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Camp Wonderopolis makes it easy to manage multiple accounts and encourages community organizations and schools to take advantage of this free learning platform all year long (Camp 2014 and Camp 2015 are also available).

To enhance the Camp experience, NCFL has created Campsite Kits available for purchase by families and programs. Youth and Family Kits are packed with recreational gear, learning tips, and fun ways for families to learn together. Program Kits provide online training and support materials to implement Camp Wonderopolis programming. Campsite Kits can be purchased at the newly launched Wonder Store,

Try it out today! Sign up for your free Camp Wonderopolis account.