Camp Wonderopolis® offers #2gen summer-learning opportunity for libraries

campw16_stack-medalNCFL believes libraries are natural partners for two-generation learning—trusted and powerful community hubs where all parents and children, including vulnerable families, can learn together and build literacy skills in diverse and inspiring ways.

This year, thanks to the support of Better World Books, NCFL is offering libraries across the U.S. the opportunity to apply for funding to implement Camp Wonderopolis programming this summer. From an initial pool of applicants, libraries with strong two-generation programs—and great ideas for families—will be invited to propose Camp Wonderopolis-inspired hands-on activities and booklists for the Camp Wonderopolis website and accompanying materials. Six libraries* will be selected to receive a $1,500 grant and Campsite Kits.

Initial brief applications must be submitted by February 26, 2016; NCFL will select top initial applicants to submit proposals for funding in March.

Public and academic libraries are eligible.

Initial applications will be evaluated on

  • Library capacity to implement two-generation programming
  • Level of existing STEM- and literacy-focused programming
  • Ideas and concepts for hands-on learning activities aligned with Camp Wonderopolis themes and content (see below)

Camp Wonderopolis™ is a free online resource available and open to all families, libraries, summer and after-school programs, community organizations, and schools. In recent summers, libraries in New York, Kentucky, and Houston have tested NCFL’s two-generation, blended learning approach to summer programming using content, webinars, implementation materials, Campsite Kits, and Maker activities. Find information about the 2015 edition of Camp Wonderopolis here.

For more information about this opportunity, Camp Wonderopolis, or Camp Kits, contact Sara Ulliman at

*Libraries will be required to hold six intergenerational Camp Wonderopolis workshops throughout the summer.



Camp Wonderopolis 2016 theme, tracks, and Wonders:

Theme: Flex Your Wonder

Tracks with lessons:

Wonder Trail

Can You Walk from Mexico to Canada?
What Is Parkour?
How Long is the Appalachian Trail?
Why Would You Hike at Night?
What Does It Mean to Hang Ten, Dude?
Why Do Your Lungs Burn When You Run in the Cold?
How Fast Can You Zip Through the Air?

Wonder Food Truck

How Did the Pretzel Get Its Shape?
Why Do Bananas Bruise?
Why Aren’t Hamburgers Made of Ham?
How Are Pickles Made?
Have You Ever Tried Dim Sum?
What’s the Most Popular Condiment?
Does Your Food Make the Grade?

Wonder Dash

Does the Olympic Flame Ever Go Out?
Can you Ride a Pommel Horse?
How Do You Set a World Record?
Can Swimmers Get Dehydrated?
How Many Countries Participate in the Olympics?
How Many Sports Are in the Olympics?
Have Olympians Always Received Medals?

Wonder Stadium

Are Footballs Really Made of Pigskin?
Why Are They Called Tennis Shoes?
Why Do Referees Wear Stripes?
Who Invented Basketball?
What Is a Hat Trick?
Does Temperature Affect the Bounce of a Ball?
Is Winning Everything?

Wonder Circuit

How Can Video Games Be Good for You?
What Is Yoga?
Can You Bump, Set, and Spike?
What Are Martial Arts?
Can Exercise Make You Smarter?
Do You Double Dutch?
What Are Calisthenics?

Wonder Pulse

What’s Your BMI?
Why Do Your Muscles Cramp?
How Much Blood Is in Your Body?
Does Laughing Help You Live Longer?
If Blood Is Red, Why Are Veins Blue?
Why Is Sweat Salty?
Why Are Some People Left Handed?