Celebrate Black History Month with these resources from Wonderopolis and Thinkfinity

Celebrate Black History Month with your students by sharing the hard work, struggles and successes of African-Americans throughout history.

Wonderopolis® will be honoring the month with special Wonders of the Day®. Mark your calendars!

  • February 18 — What Was the Underground Railroad?
  • February 23 — Who Was George Washington Carver?

While you’re waiting for these special Wonders of the Day, check out this one from January 17 — Who Was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Don’t forget to check Thinkfinity.org for more resources! An extensive collection offers lessons, activities and primary source items that range from W.E.B Du Bois, the NAACP, National African American Read-in, Brown v. Board of Education and many more.

Are you part of the Thinkfinity Community? Visit today and see what other educators are discussing about Black History Month.