Celebrate Black history with NCFL!

At NCFL, we celebrate Black history and contributions all year long—but we’re especially excited to do so in February! The creation of Black History Month began in 1926, when Dr. Carter G. Woodson established what was then known as Negro History Week during the second week of February. Fifty years later, in 1976, Black History Month was officially observed for the first time by President Gerald R. Ford. In 1986, the U.S. Congress officially designated February as National Black History Month.

Black History Month Notable Figures

Black History Month is an established tradition now, but it’s important to keep looking at our history and culture with new eyes. If you’re an educator or parenting adult looking for new ways to celebrate Black History Month, read on! 

One of our favorite ways to engage kids with Black history and culture is through learning and activities on Wonderopolis®. In our Black History Month Collection, you’ll find over 50 Wonders of the Day related to Black history, arts, science, sports, and more.  Use our fun Try It Out activities to help kids learn interactively—from mapping a trip with the Green Book to writing their own Motown-style song

To celebrate Black History Month at home and in your school, Reading Rockets has compiled a list of children’s books about Black Lives! These colorfully illustrated stories teach children about lesser-known Civil Rights activists, Black history in the Wild West, the history of Juneteenth, and so much more. From exploring moments in Black history that can be difficult to broach with care, to sharing fantastical stories about prominent historical figures, this reading list provides options suitable for children ages three to twelve. 

While many focus their attention on immersing themselves in Black history and current events, this month often highlights or exacerbates the racial trauma experienced by the Black community. For those searching for a healing way to celebrate Black History Month, Safe Horizon has provided Five Ways to Celebrate Black Joy. Resources range from self-care guidance to educational materials on Black healers and innovators, all of which are carefully curated to offer support throughout the month of February and beyond. 

Whether it’s Black History Month or any time of the year, we’re excited to be a part of the way educators and families learn together!