Culivating Readers now in Spanish!

To celebrate El Día de los Niños – the holiday on April 30 that recognizes children as the center of the Latino family, NCFL is excited to announce a free new resource for teachers and families!

To mark the event (also known as El Día de los Libros), NCFL is unveiling the Spanish version of Cultivating Readers (Cultivando el hábito de la lectura), which provides activities for parents to support their child’s literacy, language and reading skills.

The 16-page magazine funded by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt includes activities and strategies to increase the reading readiness and school success specifically for three age groups — infants and toddlers, preschoolers and students from kindergarten through grade three.

The publication is in Spanish, but it also provides activities that can be done in either Spanish or English to support the critical literacy skill areas that children will need as they progress through school — such as alphabet knowledge, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. The English version is also available.

If you would like hard copies to sent your program or your home, please e-mail us at  The only cost is shipping, so it’s a great deal on a great free resource.

One example of an organization that’s benefited from this publication is The Parent Academy — a Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ initiative that helps parents become full partners in their children’s education. They found the publication so effective that they have requested an additional 12,000 copies, including 4,000 in Spanish!

Have you used the Cultivating Readers magazine?  If so, let us know!