Dads are a vital piece of the equation in children’s education

As we reflect on and celebrate the impact fathers have in our lives, the National Center for Family Literacy encourages families to make new memories with Dad — ones that are centered on learning and fun.

That’s why we’re kicking off our third annual Camp-What-A-Wonder® the day after Father’s Day. Starting on Monday, June 17, through the generosity of Toyota, this free virtual camp will provide fun, multigenerational learning activities to help families spend #QualityTime and learn together over the summer.  The six-week camp is part of the award-winning Wonderopolis®, which is supported by the Verizon Foundation.

Considering students spend less than 15% of each year inside a classroom, it is clear parents play a crucial role in their children’s education. Dads are spending more time than ever with their children — an increase of about 50 percent in the last 30 years. What better way to fill that time than with fun, adventure, and learning?

Camp officially starts on Monday, June 17, but you can get a jumpstart on the conversation and the fun now. Check out the Camp What-A-Wonder page for a preview and sign up for special extras.

Wonderopolis and Camp What-A-Wonder materials were given away during the official White House event celebrating Father’s Day, where the President discussed the importance of fatherhood, mentorship, and spending #QualityTime with children. We’d love to have you join @Wonderopolis and @NCFLiteracy and share your thoughts on the critical role fathers play in education by using the hashtag #QualityTime on Twitter.

Happy Father’s Day!