Develop reading and writing skills this month

Each Friday throughout National Family Literacy Month®, the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) is sharing resources and information to promote families learning together; we call it “Family Literacy Friday!” Today, we invite you to watch and share the following webinars focused on developing reading and writing skills. Plus, we’ve included a bonus live webinar airing next Friday, November 20! Happy learning!

Stages of Emergent Writing with Young Children

Have you ever looked at your students’ writing and asked, “Is this even writing?” Emergent writing means that children begin to understand that writing is a form of communication and their marks on paper convey a message. Based on the research of Dr. Deborah Well Rowe, Professor of Early Childhood Education at Vanderbilt University,Stages of Emergent Writing with Young Childrenis an 8-minute snapshot that will help you understand the concept of emergent writing and explain its stages while providing examples.

Engaging Families in Children’s Reading Development

Are you a practitioner interested in learning new tools to promote family engagement and reading? There are many ways parents can support their children in learning to read. At NCFL, we believe that parents are their children’s first teacher. This 10-minute webinar covers the keys to a successful family workshop, reading strategies to share with families, and ways to support reading in your community.

Foundational Skills in Reading K-3

Foundational skills are part of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and include skills such as rhyming, alphabet recognition, sound-letter correspondence, and sight word fluency. In this extensive webinar, NCFL’s Dr. Becky Goetzinger discusses ways to increase knowledge of foundational skills in reading, explore phonological awareness, and understand strategies for teaching vocabulary.

Reading Strategies from Classroom to Home—Coming Friday, November 20!

Uncover reading strategies applicable from the classroom to the home. Join NCFL Reading Specialist Dr. Becky Goetzinger for this free webinar, which starts at 2 p.m. EST on November 20.

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