Emmy-winning writer highlights the wonder of script writing on Wonderopolis

Who says television can’t be educational? In today’s special Wonder of the Day®, Michael Price — Emmy-winning writer and co-executive producer of The Simpsons — offers a behind-the-scenes look at TV script writing.

In a video he filmed especially for Wonderopolis®, Price shows families a typical day for a TV comedy writer, and then he explains how an idea evolves into a 30-minute television episode in the Wonder of the Day, “How Do You Write a TV Script?” He also offers tips to help families get started on their own scriptwriting adventure.

In these days dominated by Twitter posts and text messages, getting children to embrace the joys of writing can be a challenge. Focusing on script writing is one way to teach children that writing is more than book reports and term papers.

What tips and tricks can you share for engaging children in writing activities? What resources or activities have you found that inspired your children to put pen to paper? Weigh in with your thoughts in this Thinkfinity Community discussion.

And don’t let your creative juices stop there! What other nuggets of knowledge do you use to show children that learning is about more than multiplication tables and spelling rules? Submit your own Wonder of the Day, and help us show families that the wonders of learning never cease.