Engage families with Wonders of the Day® for Black History Month

Just in time for Black History Month, Wonderopolis® has released a Black History Month page sure to engage families and students in learning about Black history and culture. With over 45 Wonders of the Day® and counting, the page covers a variety of content areas to satisfy any curious kid, including music, sports, inventors, and more. Here are a few favorites:

Wonder of the Day #2575: Who Was the One-Eyed Queen Who Defeated Caesar?

This Wonder covers an obscure story from African history and examines the life of Kandake Amanirenas, a Kushite queen who took on Caesar Augustus—and won. Perfect for families interested in African history and strong female leads.

Wonder of the Day #2647: Who Was John Lewis?

For families who enjoy getting into good trouble, Wonder #2647 is about the inspirational life of John Lewis. From desegregating public buses to standing up for voting rights, Lewis left a legacy unlikely to be forgotten.

Wonder of the Day #717: Can You Beatbox?

Learn about the origins of beatboxing in this Wonder, ideal for kids and families with musical inclinations. Who was the first “human beatbox”? And who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest human beatbox ensemble? Read to find out.

Wonder of the Day #2674: Who Is Misty Copeland?

Ballerina and body positivity advocate Misty Copeland fights racial discriminiation on and off the stage. Learn how she has overcome adversity to become an author and a top ballerina in this Wonder.

Wonder of the Day #2637: Who Was Muhammad Ali?

The Louisville Lip called himself “The Greatest” long before anyone else did. Find out why—and how he lived up to the title—in Wonder of the Day #2637.

New to Wonderopolis? Watch the video below to tour Wonderopolis before getting started. You’ll learn how to optimize learning with features like Immersive Reader, which can translate each Wonder of the Day into 100+ languages. You’ll also explore the learning tools available on Wonderopolis, including vocabulary practice, comprehension quizzes, and extension activities. 

This Black History Month, engage kids and families in learning about Black leaders, creators, and icons. There’s no better place to start than on NCFL’s Wonderopolis. Be sure to check back throughout the month—and all year long—to find new content covering even more people and topics in Black history.