FACE Parent Essay Winner #1

The Family and Child Education (FACE) program was created in 1990 by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (now the Bureau of Indian Education). FACE provides culturally responsive education, resources and support for American Indian families with children from birth to grade three. NCFL is proud to have worked with the FACE program since its inception.

Each year, FACE parents are encouraged to submit their personal stories for a Parent Essay Contest. Six winners were chosen this year, and we’re going to highlight each of the winning essays over the next six weeks.

Gilberta Bindel
Kickapoo FACE Program

I could tell you about how hard it was to raise two children as a single mom or how I desperately tried to help my sister escape an 11-year abusive relationship. I could tell you about the violent tragedies that I have witnessed and experienced, but I believe that the FACE program is more than just about overcoming obstacles that life throws at you. I believe FACE is a choice that responsible, caring individuals make aside from their background and/or position in life to help encourage better choices for their young…

What FACE means to me… It means that for the next eight months I get to play hero to my 3-year-old niece. It means that I will choose to use my time to make sure that my niece gets a great start on her academic career. It means that I will be a team player. It means that I have to do my part and stay focused on the big picture even when I am discouraged by others. It means that I get to learn more parenting skills that make it easier for our children to learn. It means that I can help myself and others achieve their goals. It means that I will learn about other cultures and experiences to help me evolve into a better person.

… Being in FACE means I get the opportunity to further my education and take charge of my life.