FACE Parent Essay Winner #2

Colleen Sisneros
Santa Clara FACE Program

As for me, I am still learning every day about myself and my sons. I am in the adult education program. I am currently enrolled at Northern New Mexico College pursuing a BA in Elementary Education. The FACE preschool has had a big influence on my choice of degree. I am at the school every day, and I have realized that I love being there! Every day I learn my FACE skills.

One of my FACE skills is paying attention to the little things my sons are learning to do. For them it’s not little, it’s BIG! During PACT Time with my son, Nicholas, I get to learn what things he likes to do and also what he is good at doing. I remember one morning he wanted to write his ABCs. We sat at the table and he said he wanted to write the letters first and I was to copy the letter.

He would write one letter (both the uppercase and lowercase), and then I would write the same letter. When we got to the letter R, he looked up at the alphabet on the wall. He quickly wrote the letter R in one motion. He put a line down and came back up, made the round part and continued making the angled leg.

It was the first time he did it! He just about fell off his chair. I think he shocked himself because he immediately flipped over his paper and wrote the letter R again. Then he said, “Mom did you see that?” I said, “Yes, good job!” It was a great feeling seeing my son’s eyes light up as he wrote the letter R.

If it wasn’t for PACT Time, I probably would have missed out on Nicholas’ accomplishment.