FACE Parent Essay Winner #4

Cassandra One Horn
Little Wound

… In his first year [in FACE], William learned a lot, like colors, different shapes and the alphabet. Our biggest goal was to help him get over being shy. My goal as a mother was to be more active in his development and show him the cause and effect of everyday life and how things work together as one. I thought I was doing a fine job as a mother, but FACE and Denise showed me how to be more attentive to my kids’ needs.

It also brought out my potential as a young mother and my son as a kid by working with us more and more each time she came. She would go over things we learned in the previous weeks just to refresh our memory, but mainly just to get William’s brain working…

… I started Percy in the home-based program when he was 2 weeks old. I was skeptical of what she [Denise] could possibly teach my son at the age of 2 weeks old. But I soon realized that there are a lot of things you can teach a baby at such a young age, like the development of their eyes and getting their little necks stronger. She made some games up to help me teach him to get used to all his surroundings. She helped me so much on my parenting skills and getting me to know my kids better…

… FACE taught my kids and me the learning skills we need to know to get through everyday life. If it was not for this program, my oldest son would not be prepared for kindergarten the way he is now. So in two words I can honestly describe what FACE means to me and that is VERY EDUCATIONAL!