Families share learning and wondering at Camp What-A-Wonder

Welcome CampersChildren and their families enjoyed learning together at public libraries this summer.  The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) collaborated with the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives to pilot a library program aimed at increasing libraries’ family education efforts during the critical out‐of‐school summer months. Sponsored by Better World Books, 10 libraries across Kentucky participated in the intergenerational pilot program.

Families gathered once per week for six weeks to experience Camp What-A-Wonder® online and within the library. A meal was provided while families learned about the world around them and participated in hands-on learning activities. NCFL provided guiding materials, including books, placemats, and posters, for each week’s Camp theme. Library staff led the workshops and added special “flavor” to the events, such as asking local STEM experts to speak and help families engage in creative activities, and giving walking tours to find related wonders in their own communities.

Here are a few highlights:

Kenton County Library campers tested the strength of a toothpick and candy bridge
during Scout Out Some Superstructures! week:

Kenton County Library

Campers at Allen County Library discovered the wonder of Robots, Gizmos & Sci-Fi Adventures! as they tried out a robotic arm that was designed and developed by an 18-year-old winner in the 2013 Science Olympiads:

Allen County Library

Campers at Fern Creek Library (Louisville) explored the tire tracks left by different vehicles during Count the Ways to Wander! week:

Fern Creek Library (Louisville)

Boyd County Library campers Adventured into the Atmosphere! and created space scenes:

Boyd County Library

Campers at Kenton County Library Explored the Big Blue Marble! by creating miniature volcanoes:

Kenton County Library

Though Camp What-A-Wonder 2013 just ended, NCFL is already planning the 2014 edition! If you would like to receive updates about this program, click here.

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