Find inspiration at NCFL’s next webinar

Tune in March 10 at 11:00 AM EST to hear from Amy Hall, adult education/co-coordinator for the FACE program at Hannahville Indian School in Hannahville, MI.

Amy Hall is a unique family educator. She has worked across family literacy programming as an early childhood teacher and an adult educator. She has also been a program coordinator. To top it off, Amy works with a great team in a rural Family and Child Education (FACE) program, serving Native American families in a rural area in Upper Michigan. Join Amy and the National Center for Families Learning for a webinar where we will discuss how Amy and her team work together to engage families in learning across a family literacy program. We’ll talk about strategies for engaging families, considering their culture and background, and how a team approach really makes a difference.

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Through May 2017, NCFL is offering a free webinar series in conjunction with the newly published Stronger Families, Stronger Communities: 20 Years of Highly Effective Teaching Practices Supporting Two-Generation Learning. In this webinar series, award-winning teachers share their approaches to strengthening families and communities. For more information about the Teacher to Teacher webinar series, visit