Friday Round-up: A recap of this week’s online learning opportunities

This week, the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) shared information from the field on special education distance learning methods, a safe way for children to do research, and a reading of the children’s book, “Press Here.” Here’s a quick recap in case you missed it:

Monday Motivation— See our collection of motivational talks to start off the week.

Teaching Tuesday— Future of School has created webinars led by industry experts to support our country’s teachers as they navigate this disruption from traditional teaching to a place of educating students through online learning.

Wonder Wednesday— Each Wonder of the Day® includes links to other related Wonders. With an added search feature that groups related content, Wonderopolis® is a safe place to conduct research for children and even adults.

Read Along Thursday— Books can offer many different types of excitement. Join Sherri and Reese as they read “Press Here” by Hervé Tullet.

You can find next week’s series of online learning opportunities on NCFL’s social media channels (@FamiliesLearning and @NCFL) at 9 a.m. EDT each day. All videos from previous weeks can be found on our YouTube channel.

This series will run through the end of May. We invite you to join us anytime to learn in new and interesting ways.

P.S. You can make a difference in the lives of families right now, too. Click here to learn more and send a message to Congress.