From Sharon: “Reach Higher, America” report released today

This morning, The National Commission on Adult Literacy released the Reach Higher, America report on the crisis and solutions for adult education and workforce preparation. I serve as one of the commissioners and was honored to present at the event held today in Washington, D.C.

Reach Higher, America confirmed what we in the family literacy movement have long understood… low literacy is a primary factor that leads to an unskilled workforce that isn’t prepared for 21st century jobs.

The report:

  • Documents the adult education and skills crisis facing American workers
  • Proposes a fundamentally new approach to adult basic education and workforce skills in America
  • Lays out the fiscal and social benefits that will result from substantially increased public expenditures for programs and services

This is a kind of “domestic Marshall plan” for meeting workforce education needs, including recommendations for state government, business and labor, philanthropy and the general public.

Unless the nation gives a much higher priority to the basic educational needs of the workforce, America’s standard of living, its status as a leading world power and its very social fabric will be further eroded.

If you would like to read Reach Higher, America report, click here for the PDF. In case you don’t have time to read the whole report today, there is an executive summary in the front (pages v to viii).

After looking over the findings, please share your thoughts about the report and any further suggestions you have on improving adult literacy.

— Sharon Darling