Improving literacy among Hispanics is key to 2020 goal

President Barack Obama’s goal of reestablishing the United States as the world’s leader in college attainment by 2020 has helped shine a light on the need for more information and resources to help families navigate the complicated waters of postsecondary education.

This week, NCFL released a suite of releases, available at, to help Spanish-speaking families better prepare themselves and their children to successfully transition into postsecondary education certificate or degree programs.

Community College Times published a commentary written by NCFL President and Founder Sharon Darling that talks about the vital role of parents in postsecondary education and how these resources can help adult learners.

Community College Times is an online magazine for community college leaders, including guidance counselors and administrators. Community College Times is published by the American Association of Community Colleges, a national organization serving more than 90 percent of the country’s community, junior and technical colleges.