KarmaTube, summer slide and ‘The Electric Company’


This website describes itself as “… a collection of short, ‘do something’ videos coupled with simple actions that every viewer can take. Our mission is to spread the good.”

Instead of just highlighting one video, we included this link so you can to see the positive changes people are making across the world.

Use it to stay inspired in your work.

Literacy Advocates Address “Summer Slide”

To address the “summer slide,” teachers and literacy supporters participate in a six-week summer school and recreation program for more than 900 at-risk Colorado children. Read this article from the Rocky Mountain News to see how many kids are acheving grade-level reading by the end.

And in case you’re looking for your own ways to avoid the summer slide, check out our recent blog post about Thinkfinity.org.

Hey, you guys! ‘Electric Co.’ in Newark

You heard Gary Knell talk about it at this year’s conference. Now read about the return of “The Electric Company” on PBS from New Jersey’s The Star-Ledger.