Literacy Voices Roundup – August 1

30 Days — Life on an Indian Reservation

This is an episode from the series 30 Days, hosted by Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me).  This time he lives with a family on the Navajo Nation.  According to Sharyl Emberton, who has worked at NCFL on the FACE program for 15 years, the story very accurately depicts what life on a reservation is like.

McCain, Obama Offer Dueling Education Plans

Listen to the story or read the rundown of the candidates’ views on education policy on

The Biggest Issue

Why did the United States become the leading economic power of the 20th century? The best short answer is that a ferocious belief that people have the power to transform their own lives gave Americans an unparalleled commitment to education, hard work and economic freedom. New York Times columnist David Brooks offers more insight.