Literacy Voices Roundup – November 21

New Program Teaches Preschoolers Reading Skills, Getting Along With Others

From the Literacy and Reading News blog, a study funded by the National Institute of Health and other federal agencies shows that it’s possible to teach preschoolers the pre-reading skills they need for later school success, while at the same time fostering the socials skills necessary for making friends and avoiding conflicts with their peers.

Inmates learn parenting skills

From the Tri-Valley Dispatch, it’s never too late to try being the best parent one can be — even from a prison cell miles away from home. More than 100 Hawaiian prisoners housed in Eloy are learning to do just that, through books, thanks to a program of the Hawaii-based Read-to-Me International organization.

Reviews that Made Me Want the Book

Shopping for gifts this holiday season? How about a great book! Check out Jen Robinson’s Book Page blog for suggestions.