Make financial literacy a priority with these resources

The National Center for Family Literacy, with support from title sponsor Republic Bank Foundation, is holding the Louisville Financial Acronym Bee (LFAB) tonight in our hometown of Louisville, Ky., to celebrate financial literacy with a little friendly competition among local financial whizzes.

The competition may be local, but the importance of financial literacy isn’t restricted to one city or area. Today’s challenging job market and economy make having a solid financial foundation more important than ever.

NCFL’s Wonderopolis® is celebrating financial literacy with a special Wonder of the Day®: #382 What Is Compound Interest?

After you learn a simple way to explain the complexities of compound interest, check out these other money-related Wonders of the Day:

NCFL also has financial literacy resources available for adult learners. Visit the Educator Resources: Adult Learners page of our Free Resources section to download “Financial Fitness: A Guide to Everyday Money” and “Financial Opportunity: Family Progress,” a complete curriculum developed by NCFL and the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE).

How do you teach families about finances in your programs? Share your strategies on NCFL’s Facebook page.