Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy | Festival of Health and Wellness

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Milwaukee families learned together how to live a healthier and more active life at the Festival of Health and Wellness to celebrate National Family Literacy Month on Tuesday Nov. 17 at Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy.

Held at the school, which made  it free  and accessible for families, this Family Service Learning project also gave children a healthy dose of competition when they competed in a food challenge, crafting healthy recipes for their parents to judge. Families participating in this Toyota Family Learning event also invited their neighbors to attend.

Participating in the family service learning project ”   brought my family closer.  Connecting with the community and resources. (It) was love, support, well-being and laughs.”

“To learn so much about, nutrition, health and ADHD.  I learned new way to communicate with my child in order for him to learn how to improve organization.”

“I invited people…I brainstormed with the group on what would help promote learning and health.  I researched speakers.”

“We decided to have the event to help educate families about ways to become more healthy.  To offer services for the community that they may not otherwise have access to.”

Each November – National Family Literacy Month – we lift up and celebrate the tireless efforts of family literacy and family-focused programs, and this year we’re shining a spotlight on 10 of NCFL’s partner organizations as they host family learning events in communities across the U.S.