NCFL seeking input on upcoming professional learning opportunities

With the new school year starting in just a few weeks, now’s a great time to brush up on family learning best practices and learn new strategies and resources! Throughout our 2021-22 webinar series, we explored a wide range of topics, including trauma-informed practices, supporting multi-language classrooms, building equitable school partnerships, and more. Now the series is available for viewing at no cost at Take advantage of our learning vault—it’s always open!

As NCFL plans learning content and speakers for upcoming webinars and the 2022 Families Learning Conference, we want to hear from you! What topics do you want covered in family literacy, engagement, and leadership? What support do you need in engaging families in learning?

On top of an image of a group of families posing, a question reads "What family learning topics do you want explored?"

Respond in the comments of this blog post, or tag us with your answer on the social media platform of your choice—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

PS: if you’re ready to increase your knowledge while also making valuable connections with others in our field, register for the 2022 Families Learning Conference. This year’s conference is a hybrid experience—we’re offering a virtual portion October 25th and 26th and in-person Regional Meetups November 4th in Nashville and December 2nd in Phoenix. Learn more information and register at