NCFL to develop new pre-K program

FACE results inspire new culturally-sensitive approach to pre-K curriculum 

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The FACE (Family and Child Education) program is based on the family literacy and family engagement model developed by NCFL for use with the Native American/American Indian population. Focusing on American Indian families is significant since students from this group have the highest dropout rate among ethnic minority groups. Initiated by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) in 44 BIE-funded schools, FACE has served over 40,000 American Indians, including adults and children in approximately 16,000 families.

The FACE program has yielded statistically significant results during its 25-year history. Most recently, independent evaluations conducted by Research & Training Associates, Inc., revealed these results:

  • Two-thirds of FACE preschoolers who attended the program for a full year exited preschool on a level playing field with children nationally (moving from 30th to 55th percentile after one year)
  • FACE preschool children’s vocabulary and language comprehension have increased as much as from the 7th to the 45th percentile
  • Children in grades K-3 who participated in FACE as preschoolers scored significantly higher on standardized reading and math tests than children who did not participate in FACE
  • Children in FACE are screened for delays and are provided the appropriate special education services. Through early intervention, FACE preschool children are half as likely to require services for special education at kindergarten
  • After a year of FACE, preschool children with special needs scored near the national average, lowering the need for costly, long-term special education
  • Eighty percent of parents indicated that FACE participation had a large impact on increasing their child’s interest in learning
  • Gender-based differences are eradicated by children’s FACE preschool attendance

Based on these findings, NCFL recognized a need and an opportunity to design a culturally-sensitive early childhood approach that is specifically geared toward pre-K students in the American Indian population. We build successful futures by strengthening a child’s confidence, increasing their ability, and broadening their outlook. NCFL’s exciting new approach will focus on giving children and families the tools they need to thrive.

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