NCFL webinar series: A year in review

NCFL webinar series run from the fall to the summer, packed with resources educators and families can use in their family learning journeys. Presented by expert practitioners and active parent leaders, topics are carefully curated to pique curiosity and encourage professional growth.

Have you missed a webinar in our 2022-2023 series? Keep reading to peruse the resources provided in each webinar and watch the recordings!

October: Activating Family Leadership and Advocating for Equity in Early Childhood Systems

Discover how BIPOC parenting adults and early childhood practitioners come together to reimagine and reform equitable and inclusive systems for families through collaborative partnerships, social media campaigns, narrative changes, transparent conversations, and so much more!


November: Centering Family Voice to Create Strong Partnerships and Equitable Learning Spaces

In this session, we explore NCFL’s Equity in Family Engagement Toolkit modules and discuss strategies on how to add equitable family engagement to classrooms. The toolkit has family voices interwoven throughout each of the seven modules, demonstrating ongoing commitment to family partnerships and equitable learning spaces.


January: Nurturing Heart Languages in the Home 

Linguistically diverse families are often equipped with extraordinary language skills that allow them to navigate multiple spaces, code-switch based on their environments, and access wealth-building opportunities. Language diversity and bilingualism are assets. Many immigrant and refugee families face the challenge of learning English while maintaining and passing down their heart and heritage languages to their children. In efforts to assimilate, families will choose to center English as their home language or allow their children to use their heritage language very sporadically and informally. Despite these challenges, families can raise bilingual and bicultural children

The 90-minute training includes the following:

  • A data overview of heritage language retention among immigrant and refugee families
  • Challenges immigrant and refugee families face in preserving heart and heritage languages in the home and the benefits of raising bilingual children.
  • Tools and practices to support parents and caretakers in fostering heart and heritage languages in the home.


February: Family Leadership: Building a Parent Nation

Throughout our history, NCFL’s Family Learning programs have provided fertile soil for parenting adults and students to develop literacy and leadership skills. Out of our legacy work, we’ve developed Family Leadership initiatives and partnerships that are designed to support families in becoming better-engaged advocates for themselves, their children, their families, and their communities. In this webinar, we share how we’ve teamed up with Parent Nation to deliver a family leadership curriculum for parents to come together and push for positive change in their communities.


March: The Power of Relationships in Schools

How do parents view the educator/student relationship? What do they consider to be gaps in strengthening relationships with their children’s teachers? This webinar discusses the recent findings of a national poll conducted by Search Institute that shares new insights around parents’ perceptions of the role of relationships between young people and their teachers. The presentation also discusses how schools and other youth-serving organizations can reframe family engagement and offer strategies to strengthen relationships with families.


April: Self-Reflective Practice for Adult Education Teachers

Adult Education is a critical component of Family Literacy programming at NCFL. In many cases, the need for adult learning brings parenting adults to our programs. In this webinar, we highlight Adult Educator best practices and share NCFL’s Adult Educator Self-Reflection Tool.


May: Award-Winning Strategies for Family Engagement

Strong family engagement efforts serve as a bridge to connect families, schools, and communities, creating an ecosystem for equitable learning opportunities. Because of family engagement’s well-publicized efficacy, educators, administrators, and family-facing professionals are looking for ways to authentically engage families; particularly those experiencing poverty or whose voices and ideas have traditionally been underrepresented or left out of conversations.

Hear from two award-winning educators who serve parents, caregivers, and children using a strong multi-generational approach to learning. Learn how Ivonne Ortiz, 2022 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year, and Leila Kubesch, 2020 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year, focus on building effective family–school partnerships that support student achievement and school improvement.


June: The Power of Co-Design and Virtual Reality: Improving Family Engagement in Science Classrooms

Middle school teachers and parenting adults from Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), in Louisville, Kentucky, join NCFL for a discussion focused on the impact a co-design process made in family engagement during our Carnegie Family Science Project.