NCFL welcomes Toyota Family Teachers of the Year for webinar

Join NCFL on Thursday, May 4 at 3 p.m. ET to learn the family engagement strategies implemented by Toyota Family Teacher of the Year winners.

Award-winning Strategies for Family Engagement | Available in Spanish | Thursday, May 4 3pm ET

When parenting adults are actively involved in their children’s education, children do better in school. For decades, we’ve known the importance of involving and engaging families as an integral part of contributing to successful school turnaround, greater literacy and learning outcomes, and higher attendance rates. Strong family engagement efforts serve as a bridge to connect families, schools, and communities, creating an ecosystem for equitable learning opportunities. Because of family engagement’s well-publicized efficacy, educators, administrators, and family-facing professionals are looking for ways to authentically engage families; particularly those experiencing poverty or whose voices and ideas have traditionally been underrepresented or left out of conversations.

Join NCFL’s webinar on May 4th to hear from two award-winning educators who serve parents, caregivers, and children using a strong multi-generational approach to learning. Learn how Ivonne Ortiz, 2022 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year, and Leila Kubesch, 2020 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year, focus on building effective family–school partnerships that support student achievement and school improvement.

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Ivonne Ortiz

Ivonne Ortiz
2022 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year
Mesa Public Schools

Ivonne Ortiz and her family moved from Puerto Rico to Mesa, Arizona in 2002, jumpstarting her career in the public school system with the Department of Education of Mesa. Her career change has been a source of great personal and professional satisfaction, leading her to work with the district for 13 years. For 10 of those years, Ivonne has been an instructor with the Family Literacy adult program. She currently serves at the Jefferson and Longfellow Elementary Schools.

Leila Kubesch

Leila Kubesch
2020 Family Teacher of the Year
Parents 2 Partners

Leila Kubesch is the 2022 National Teachers Hall of Fame Inductee and the 2020 Ohio Teacher of the Year. She committed her career as an educator to serving in high-need communities and advocating for social change. She is the founder and director of the not-for-profit organization Parents 2 Partners. Through this non-profit, she empowers school leaders, educators, and service providers with essential skills for culturally responsive family outreach.

She works to support schools in developing meaningful connections for the success of all students. Kubesch has spent two decades working with diverse youth, families, and educators to remove cultural barriers and promote equity and student well-being.