NCFL wins 2011 Community Changing Idea Video Contest

NCFL is proud to announce that we have won an award from Literacy Powerline and Literacy Funders Network. The two organizations held a contest for videos from literacy visionaries looking to build a better future and spread the word about literacy.

The contest was open to video entries about innovative ways to build a more literate community. Organizations from all over the country uploaded videos to YouTube for the contest, which was judged by the National Literacy Coalition Conference Committee.

NCFL’s submission is the winner of the Literacy Programs category. The video illustrates the real-life effects of family literacy and celebrates 20 years of the Toyota-National Center for Family Literacy partnership.

The other award category was Literacy Awareness. The United Way of Acadiana, Louisiana, won for its video on inspiring and motivating communities to join in the literacy effort.

Both videos will be recognized and featured today at the National Literacy Coalition Conference and Annual Literacy Funders Network Symposium in Houston, Texas.

NCFL thanks Literacy Powerline and Literacy Funders Network for this honor!