NCFL’s Camp What-A-Wonder on Wonderopolis Keeps Kids Learning This Summer

While children all over the country anticipate the freedom of summer break, the months away from school can often wreak havoc on a child’s education. Summer learning loss is a very real problem in which children’s time off from school cancels out educational gains they’ve made throughout the year.

To help parents fight back against summer learning loss, NCFL has launched Camp What-A-Wonder, a free virtual camp held every Thursday from June 23 through August 11 on®. Recommended by and, Camp What-A-Wonder will explore the classic camp experience every Thursday with a special Wonder of the Day® focused on camp-centric topics.

Camp What-A-Wonder launches today with a Happy Campers theme. Visit Wonderopolis for a Wonder of the Day that every camper needs to know: What Does Poison Ivy Look Like?

Then come back tonight to participate in the first Campfire Session on Twitter (hashtag #WonderChat) from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EDT. Gather around the virtual campfire and share your favorite camp memories with other parents and families.

And don’t forget to check out Camp What-A-Wonder every Thursday on Wonderopolis! Upcoming themes include Creepy Crawling Critters, Campfire Cooking, Spooky Stories, Team What-A-Wonder, Craft-A-Palooza, Awesome Adventures and Talent Show.