NCFL’s Wonderopolis® partners with Canva to provide learning tools

Since 2010, has provided free, engaging learning content to millions of learners around the world. Created by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), the site offers thousands of Wonders of the Day® on a variety of topics, each packed with rich informational text, vocabulary words, extension activities, and a media gallery of interesting images and video. Now, our new partnership with Canva, an online design and publishing tool, is taking learning comprehension to an exciting level.

Canva has partnered with the team at Wonderopolis to create a set of Wonder of the Day activity templates that students can complete once they’ve finished exploring a Wonder of the Day. These templates are designed to further students’ learning and help teachers, parents, and caregivers assess students’ comprehension of a topic.

“Wonderopolis is a beloved resource for families and educators across the globe and has delivered high quality, free learning content for more than 10 years,” said Dr. Felicia C. Smith, president of NCFL. “Our partnership with Canva is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to offer learners a variety of ways in which to wonder and demonstrate their learning.”

Photo courtesy of Canva

Ready to jump in? 

Here’s how students can demonstrate their learning on Canva using Wonderopolis’ Wonders of the Day:

  1. Browse the gallery of Wonders or use the search bar to find a specific Wonder topic.
  2. Explore the Wonder of the Day’s reading passage, comprehension quiz, wonder words, and “Try It Out” extension activities.
  3. For every Wonder, teachers can prompt students to demonstrate their understanding through a visual representation. Open Canva for Education and assign to students a ready-to-use template such as an infographic, graphic organizer (e.g. Venn diagram, K-W-L chart, Pro/Con chart), poster, or more, to share what they learned from the Wonder.
  4. Encourage students to submit their Canva designs and share with others. Groups of students can even collaborate on a design in real-time!

Get inspired with these app-smashing ideas

Here are some top ways to get started with Wonderopolis and Canva!

  • K-W-L Chart: select a Wonder of the Day and ask students to complete K-W-L charts on Canva by sharing what they 1) Know 2) Want to Know and 3) Learn.
  • Poster: challenge students to design a poster that relates to the Wonder of the Day passage.
  • Postcard: imagine you’re mailing a postcard from the distant location featured in the Wonder of the Day. What message would you send home about your experience?
  • Storyboard: design a brief story on Canva based on what you learned on Wonderopolis.
  • See all Wonderopolis templates here!

Wonderopolis and Canva together make learning fun and engaging for students. Wonderopolis is continuously growing our collection of Wonders and Canva is loaded with tens of thousands of ready-to-use educational templates. The educational possibilities are endlessget started today!

Upgrade now to Canva for Education 

If you’re a K12 educator, you can access Canva for Education, Canva’s free offering. With it, you get all the benefits of premium features such as millions of images, fonts, graphics, videos, animations, and templates. You also get a dedicated classroom space to invite students and teachers to share, review, and manage your work.

You can sign up here using your school’s, department of education’s, or Google-certified email domain. Please note, you’ll be asked to verify your teaching credentials so you can access Canva for Education.