New feature: Literacy Voices Roundup

Today is the premiere of a new feature segment on the NCFL Literacy Now blog. On Fridays, visit our blog to find links to interesting videos, articles, stories and more about literacy. It’s called “Literacy Voices Roundup,” and it’s a survey of what others in the literacy community are talking about.

And if you run across a great article or blog post, please let me know!

Better education has to start long before kindergarten

A great article from the Anchorage Daily News. If you don’t have time to read the entire article, here’s a standout quote:

“If there is a single secret to a successful and productive life, it’s probably early and frequent exposure to books. Those of us who champion early learning and literacy urge parents and others to read, read, read. Read to infants, read to toddlers, read to pre-schoolers.”

Video: Love of reading

This  short video is worth your time to watch. It’s produced by Indigo, a Canadian book and music retail chain.

Motivations of Parental Involvement in Children’s Learning: Voices From Urban African American Families of Preschoolers

While not a quick read (it’s the whole study), this is full of interesting and useful information.