Online course helps adult educators unpack classroom standards

The adoption of the Common Core State Standards in nearly every state has prompted the need for guidance in implementing standards in the classroom. The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) offers online training for adult educators in unpacking the standards for classroom instruction.

“Getting Started with Standards-Based Education” is a six-week, facilitated online course that explores the components of the standards and examines the knowledge and skills to be taught by adult educators and learned by students. The course also focuses on developing instructional activities and selecting instructional resources that tightly align to the standards. Instructors who take the course engage in interactive learning with their peers through a discussion board as well. The course has been implemented successfully with school district staff as well as with a state-wide initiative. For information about personalizing the course for your needs, contact NCFL’s training department (; 502-584-1133, x149).

Based on pre- and post-assessment tests, students who recently completed the online course made statistically significant gains in knowledge of the standards and how to use them.

The course is not only beneficial for instructors of adult basic education and GED® preparation, but also those teaching English as a second language. Said one ESL instructor, “This course has been useful in getting me to think beyond helping my students pass the CASAS test to helping them use higher thinking skills in English more frequently.”

Students also found the discussion board to be a particularly valuable way to share ideas and feedback, teacher to teacher. One participant’s favorite part of the class was “working with others and getting their feedback and practical suggestions.  I have some great new ideas for lesson plans and approaches.”

Interested in taking this course?

Contact NCFL’s training department (; 502-584-1133, x149) for information on taking this course in fall 2013.