Recap: Power of Moms workshops

I just got back from Southern California from the Power of Moms workshops. They were sponsored by the McDonald’s Owners and Operators of Southern California. Though NCFL has been working with McDonald’s since fall 2006, the Power of Moms is something brand-new.

NCFL and McDonald’s worked with groups such as Mocha Moms and International Moms Club to celebrate Mother’s Day. Moms and their kids were invited to enjoy a free meal at McDonald’s and learn more about the importance of literacy, as well as participate in some fun activities and a storytime. The theme of these one-day workshops was Building Literacy in Everyday Life.

Families came to any one of the four participating restaurants. Parents and children read stories and did activities together. At the same time, we discussed what their children were learning.

The information affirmed what moms were already doing with their children. Moms also gained new ideas on how to support their child’s early literacy learning during daily routines.  For example, they can create a grocery list together and take it to the store. While a child’s “writing” may look like scribbles, he or she is learning to make marks that represent the word “apples.”

In addition, we made Mini Fold-Up Books and created Writing Boxes (a box that doubles as a storage place and desk).  It was a great day!  It’s always so rewarding for me to see families celebrating literacy together.

If you are looking for more games and activities to make reading fun for your family or the parents you work with, don’t forget about our Cultivating Readers magazine.  It’s available for free in both English and Spanish.

Parents… keep reading and telling stories to your kids!

— Cindy Nelson