Southwest Solutions | Family Literacy Excursion


On Saturday, November 7, more than 40 Detroit families participating in the English Language Learners and Toyota Family Learning programs at Escuela Avancemos and Munger Schools (Detroit) checked in to learn together via a virtual trip around the world with the team at Southwest Counseling Solutions.

During the geography-themed Family Literacy Excursion activities, families embarked on imaginary trips to other states and countries by visiting five stations to read books and use iPads to learn more about their vacation destinations; examine maps and topography features; and wonder together about must-pack items to stuff into their family suitcases. Families even took off on imaginary plane rides and created hand-drawn “photos” of everything they witnessed and experiences during their wonder-filled treks.

12183733_10153754423759421_7950312692216048017_o “Learning together about places and people around the world is a fun way to build curiosity, as well as vocabulary and reading skills,” said Lynn McGregor, manager of early childhood & family literacy at Southwest Counseling Solutions. “PACT Time® is an opportunity for parents and children to spend quality time learning together and strengthen their relationships.”

Parent participant Teodora Cruz was surprised that, as a kindergartner, her daughter is already studying geography in school and she was excited to see how much her daughter already knew about their “family destination.”

Families left together with new books to continue reading and learning together at home.

12182571_10153754423674421_7086297580275197868_oSWCS is committed to creating a culture of literacy in southwest Detroit.  Family participation in Toyota Family Learning events such as these demonstrates parents’ desire to support their children’s education and their understanding that they are their children’s most important teachers.

For more than 40 years, Southwest Solutions has pursued its mission to help build a stronger and healthier community in southwest Detroit and beyond. The nonprofit organization provides over 50 programs and partnerships in the areas of human development, economic development, and resident engagement.  These three areas together form a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategic effort that helps more than 25,000 a year.