Spark children’s interest in reading this summer

While children long for summer vacation, the months away from school can have a negative effect on their educational progress.  Known as “summer learning loss,” the phenomenon is a growing concern well-documented by research.

A renowned study by Harris Cooper, when he was a professor of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri, estimated that summer learning loss for all students equals about one month on a grade-level equivalent scale. Low-income students are documented to experience even higher levels of loss.

One way parents can combat summer learning loss is to encourage children to read more during their months away from school. It can also be a great time to help kids boost their reading and comprehension skills, particularly by encouraging them to read about what interests them most.

NCFL’s own Donna Elder recently shared tips for getting kids interested in reading with the LoveToKnow Children’s Books website. Check out her advice for helping kids improve comprehension skills and choosing books for reluctant readers. And stay tuned for more ways to fight back against summer learning loss!