Special edition of LVR: National Family Literacy Day

Though we are a day early, Happy National Family Literacy Day! Below you will find some ways that NCFL is celebrating, but we would love to hear how you and your family or program are taking part. Just submit a comment on today’s blog post. Enjoy your day!

Innovative materials for Hispanic families

Parents + Schools = Successful Children / Padres + Escuelas = Niños Exitosos are new bilingual products/tools designed to raise awareness of the importance of parental involvement in the education of ESL children. Through a Dollar General Literacy Foundation grant, NCFL has created family literacy materials patterned after comic books and graphic novels, which are extremely popular in Spanish-speaking cultures.

Materials include:

  1. Two bilingual foto-novelas for parents titled “Get Involved!” (“¡Involúcrate!”) and “Reading at Home” (“Lectura en el hogar”)
  2. For the web, flash movies based on the two foto-novelas, with audio in English and Spanish
  3. A practitioner guide with lesson plans and activities for adult ESL and native language use

Visit our website to download the materials for free or to order sets for your program or classroom.

New NCFL ambassador

Grammy-nominated gospel singer Beverly Crawford overcame illiteracy and depression in her teens. In honor of National Family Literacy Day, NCFL is proud to announce Beverly Crawford will become an ambassador for the organization.

“I’m so excited to enter such a powerful relationship,” Crawford said. “At one time in my life, I thought the best thing to do was to be silent about my deficiency to avoid the ridicule of others, but now my willingness to share will offer hope to others. God has opened a great door with this organization, and I will help on every level possible.”

Check back on Monday for a special guest post from Beverly!

A penny for your search

You heard about using GoodSearch.com a few posts ago, but don’t forget to check out NCFL as the featured charity on its homepage on National Family Literacy Day (November 1).

Just visit www.goodsearch.com to donate to NCFL every time you search the Internet.

Have a wonderful National Family Literacy Day!