Summer Learning at Camp Wonderopolis

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Studies estimate that a student’s learning loss over the summer break can equate to one to three months on the grade-level equivalent scale. So it’s no wonder that Anthony Mora Jr.’s teacher felt compelled to ask his parents how he had managed to improve his reading skills by two whole grade levels before returning to school last fall.

Tony and Martha Mora credited their son’s success to NCFL’s Camp Wonderopolis™, a fun and free online “camp” introduced to them by their family literacy program director.

Based on research that suggests parents should work with children to offset summer “brain-drain” by engaging in small, individualized programs, NCFL developed Camp Wonderopolis as a means to allow kids, families, and summer programs to discover the possibilities and Wonder of summer camp at their own pace.

Questions like “Do insects work out?” and “Why are earthworms good for gardens?” come equipped with explanations, vocabulary words, and easy, at-home experiments that allow for imaginative conversations and deeper exploration.

“They probably don’t know they are learning. They think they are playing,” Tony Mora said about the success and popularity of Wonders of the Day® with his children. “They are making connections between things and thinking about different things that all relate.”

“[We learned by] not just coming up with the answer, but by asking ‘Why this?’ and ‘Why did this end up like this?’ It was fun and interesting,” Tony Mora said.
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This year’s Camp Wonderopolis will explore different Wonders about science and improve background knowledge, reading comprehension, and vocabulary skills.

Preregistration is now open at, and you can sign up as a Camper (kids of all ages) or a Counselor (parents, library staff, and educators). Camp Wonderopolis officially opens June 16 when Campers and Counselors will be able to set up complete accounts and embark on their Camp journey:

  • Select a Camp avatar
  • Chart your own path through six tracks of scientific exploration
    • Zoology
    • Physics
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Geology
    • Astronomy
  • Engage in Wonder checkpoints and test your learning to earn Wonder Cards® (42 in all!)
  • Keep track of your Camp activities and Wonder Card collection on your personal dashboard
  • Try out fun, hands-on activities using everyday items
  • Compete in photo and video contests for a chance to win special Camp prizes

It’s going to be a great summer. Get your backpacks and sleeping bags ready – a summer of learning is just around the corner! Sign up today for your spot in Camp Wonderopolis at